Fashionable Bridal Accessories for a Fall Ceremony

Fall is a fine time of year to hold a wedding, and opportunities to accessorize based on the season have never been better. Jewelry is one of the most popular types of accessories for the fashionable bride, and autumn offers a ripe harvest of lovely items for your upcoming ceremony.

Most brides want to adorn their ears on the big day, and what could be more perfect than a combination of pearls and gold? Golden Pearl Cluster Earrings bring a hint of fall glamour, no matter what color or style of dress the bride chooses to wear.  Pearls of various sizes mingle with dark golden beads and metal chain loops, the whole cluster dangling from fishhook stems designed for pierced ears. Lustrous, these earrings can be worn alone or with a matching necklace that generously clusters pearls and beads across the front.

A bride will really show off her sense of style when she wears a Scalloped Necklace and Earring Set that adds just the right touch of shimmer against her skin. The necklace contains fifteen large brilliant faux diamond stones that hang in a scalloped pattern from a necklace strung with smaller stones. The matching drop earrings feature the same silver setting as the necklace and add a touch of glamour to the bride’s autumn ensemble.

Some brides love dangling earrings. But others are more comfortable with earrings that fit close to the lobe, like the Button Crystal Earring set. These earrings look like little crystal buttons, and they catch the light and shimmer almost as brightly as the bride who wears them.  For pierced ears only, each crystal in this stunning pair sits in a silver-tone setting and looks fabulous for a day or evening wedding.

Chandelier earrings suit any time of year, but when they come in black crystals and hematite, they almost beg to be worn in the fall. For the bride who wants to complement her ivory or black wedding gown with black accents, the Vintage Jet Black Crystal Chandelier Earrings can be the perfect choice. Elegant and Old World with a contemporary flair, this pair includes a black crystal teardrop extension that drops beneath dangling black beads and hematite tone chains.

Some brides enjoy a flash of color, and there’s no better place to show off that color than at the wrist. The Silver Destiny Sparkling Stretch Bracelet is a whimsical piece of jewelry with multi-faceted rectangular crystals in pink, green or blue. Silver tone filigree surrounds each crystal and the entire piece is placed in a stretch setting to make it easy to put on and take off.

Linear Faceted Beaded Cube Earrings come in a variety of fall colors, to lend seasonal flash to any wedding ensemble. A subdued hue of green square beads dangle beneath vivid blue round beads on a fishhook post, or the bride can choose complementary shades of brown, black, orange or red. They can even be made with lovely purple beads for that extra punch of color. Whichever color is chosen, these earrings will complement any wedding dress or honeymoon ensemble.

The Y-necklace makes a beautiful fashion statement, especially when it comes in a hematite tone chain and features ebony metal flowers with clear glass crystal centers. A single teardrop bead dangles from the bottom of this Black Floral Garden Y-Necklace, and the entire piece lies elegantly upon the bride’s neck. A strapless white gown of satin and lace will look even more elegant when accessorized with this classy piece of jewelry.

Black may be the accessory color of the day when a wedding takes place in the fall, and nothing will look nicer than the Alternating Acrylic Stone Drop Necklace. This is an eye catching piece that is the epitome of fashion this year. Jet black emerald shaped stones alternate with gray round stones around the neck before dropping into a three-stone display of emerald, oval and round cut stones. It is simple and elegant and speaks of the bride’s sense of style.

Hair jewelry is a great way to add a little shimmer to the bride’s ensemble without detracting from the simplicity of her garb. A Set of Six Pearl and Crystal Cluster Hair Jewelry pins is just the thing to incorporate that shimmer. These hair pins will look like tiny flowers made of pearls and clear crystals as they nestle here and there in her hair, catching the light and casting a gentle glow around the bride’s head.

Autumn features many colors, including various shades of red. Close inspection of autumn leaves will sometimes reveal traces of purple, as well. The Medallion Necklace and Earring Set is available in either of those colors, adding a touch of fall to the bride’s ensemble. Featuring small oval beads and one large medallion on the necklace, and drop-shaped beads on the earrings, either color is strung on a slender silver-tone rope.

Regardless of the tone of your wedding or the style of your dress, accessories can provide the cherry on top of your look. Find your perfect matching pieces now.

Mike Miranda is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as bridal accessories.

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